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    Lecture Blocks - Residential and Virtual

    Lecture Blocks, virtual or residential are an essential part of learning and becoming part of this learning community. As well as lectures, they will include worship, study skills, prayer, fellowship, and catching up over shared meals on residentials of course.

    All students will attend the Lecture Blocks in September (Fri - Sun) November (Fri - Sun), January (Virtual, Fri - Sun), and March (Fri - Sat). See Key Dates for dates 

    Full Time students will have two extra Lecture Blocks in October (Fri - Sat) and February (Fri - Sat). 

    General Information

    Where we put general information for the course that all need to know

    Teacher: Ali Boston

    New Students Access Course

    Where new students start their course

    Teacher: Ali Boston

    Pioneer Chaplaincy Calendar and extra resources

    For your placement you will need to arrange something for you to put into practice what you are learning. Ideally this will be a weekly placement and while it doesn't have to be strictly 'pioneering' in nature it would be very helpful if it had a chaplaincy element to it. 
    So, what are the kind of things you could seek in your area to volunteer with?
    * A school chaplaincy 
    * Prison chaplaincy 
    * Sports chaplaincy through your local football club or running club
    * Work based chaplaincy
    * City centre chaplaincy
    * Neighbourhood chaplaincy